Building Industry

Why CRM-Map is the newest and best tool for everyone in the building industry


Asset Management




On Site – Job Management


Warranty and Repair work.


Controlling Sub Contractors



Improving your productivity, profit and safety is what good tools are about in the building industry. CRM Map is one such tool.

CRM Map is the latest tool created to work as part of Google Maps. So it is easy, intuitive and gives you the features you need.

Why hesitate – Try CRM Map today.

Document Control

In the building industry, there are so many documents that you need to have access to. So many documents you need to make sure you have for a range of insurance and compliance needs…
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Increase your Sales

Sales in the building and construction industry seem to fall into 3 categories. CRM Map will not only boost sales, but it will radically diminish ‘miss interpretations’ which can lead to payment…
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As good as subcontractors are, the management of them can be a total nightmare, for everyone, you, the client, the subcontractor and even your insurance & government bodies…
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