Company Specific Information

CRM-Map the Interface between Your Data and Google Maps.

A visual, flexible interface tool for capturing, editing and updating business data via Google Maps.

Flexibility to suit you and your business

CRM-Map can support your data mapping with unlimited tailored Colors, Icons, Products, Terminology, Fields, Transactions, Locations, Users and company functions. A picture speaks a 1000 words and this is the software that proves that statement.   You can view, add and edit at a glance specific data in specific locations on Google Maps giving you a snap picture of your CSI secure personalised tailored location visual of your clients, prospects and assets. .

You and your Business, Sales & Business Development Teams and Staff will grow sales faster and make smart sales and targeting decisions with the help of CRM-Map an easy to use, secure and adaptable interface asset . CRM-Map is the Glue that will link your accounting or CRM product to Google Maps.

CRM-Map is also so adaptable that it can support Not for Profits, Social Enterprises, Federal/ National, State & Local Governments, N.G.O’s & Political parties with tailored location based mapping.

CRM-Map Introductory Video