Creating the WOW

As a developer you could spend a lot of time on your Google Maps interface and get the perfect solution. Or you can spend less than an hour, using CRM Map. CRM-Map uses Google Maps giving your client the perfect solution to grow their business and you more web improvements.

Here are just some of the features CRM Map allows you to do automatically.

  1. Your Own Icons. You can simply import the Image you wish as your icons. Now, this could be one icon or multiple. For example if your client wants to show sub offices, and if they offer certain services, each service may have different icons. The example we have shown in the image is of playgroups. Some playgroups may offer classes for babies and some toddlers etc. It is important to know which playgroup would fit which client.
  2. Your Own Icon Sizes. Now, this is a great feature. In the case of sales, you may wish to show your clients with small icons, and your offices with large and different icons.
  3. Your Own Colours. How easy would it be If the colour of a map changed, as a store or company was open or closed. This is just one simple example. It may also be used for other types of status changes. But colours are used to show the status of a place. If you don’t wish to use a status change of course, you can use a single colour and then that is the background to your icon. This will show if you use ‘Transparent background Icons’
  4. Location Finder off or On. Now, many maps automatically have their location finder on, as this shows the sites nearest you. But you can turn this off if you wished to see all sites in one area e.g. All of the World, or all of America or Australia.
  5. Map View -Position can be held. Instead of your client having to zoom in and out, the default view map can be pre defined and sized by you – very simply.
  6. What shows when you click on an icon. The forms have many custom fields. You can add and name them what you want. Then select if these are to display or not. For example on a sales website you may not have a name and address showing, but you may have the sale type showing, e.g. roof renovation, New Gutters etc. However for the internal view of the exact same map you can have the person, the contact details, what and when a job was done.
  7. Link to Other URLs. If your client is showing franchisee’s or other offices, it may be great to be able to link to their website and hence naturally increase your SEO.
  8. Dynamic updating of data. Instead of teaching your client how to add a new office, etc. you can have this dynamically linked to their main data source. You can even add data source you create for them. Then you can time the updates of data so that this will auto transfer and update on request.

Best of all. If you are a highly skilled graphic designer, with less skill in Java Script – this may be your perfect solution. This is a great tool for everyone.

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