CRMery is an excellent Joomla CRM and by using the CRMery API with CRM-Map, what is created a truly efficient and effective tool for all your client management needs, as your CRMery is now visual information presented to your staff in Google Maps.

It is possible to add fields to this CRMery so flexibility of fields and terminology is essential with your mapping tool, and this is what CRM-Map offers.

CRMery is a low cost CRM that many business are using so that they create a web based CRM that will allow them to really manage their customers and data. CRM-Map have used the CRMery API to make an optional automatic integration of your CRMery data and Google maps.  The data is secure, flexible and easily sourced, with little or no training.  Like CRMery, this can be tailored to suit your businesses needs.

CRM-Map will enable CRMery users

  • Speed
  • Specific data
  • Ability to add photos and files remotely
  • Data security
  • Improve data for better management decision making
  • Visual representation of their data plus much more…….

We at CRM-Map have a lot of experience with this product and  will be creating a simple interface routine for this product.