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csv interface

CRM-Map, Google Maps database application offers a CSV interface between your data and Google Maps.  At the point of import, you will be supplied a sample of what your CSV file should look like with your terminology and fields, as each CRM-Map application is Unique.  You will be asked if this data is to be added to the existing data you have in CRM-Map, or to replace the data you have in CRM-Map.

Google Maps database application, CRM-Map will visually allow your data to be available to your staff on any remote device, not matter the age of your main product.

CSV’s are a text file, that can be read by MS Excel and a range of other products.  This data can then be used in a variety of manners, from Mail Chimp – email communications, mail merge, data analysis etc.

The reason we offer a CSV is that there are many products currently in general business use that either do not have an API option, or simply the company elects not to use API’s option.  We felt that offering this form of data communication, is the simplest form of integration data between two products.

Import CSV files with CRM-Map