Delivery Map – New

Manage Your Drivers and Deliveries

Create a simple map interface to optimise your driver’s routes and reduce paperwork


Plan and Assign Routes to Drivers

Accede Maps has a built in route planner that allows you to create routes and assign them to your drivers. From there your drivers can open their routes in Google Maps, allowing them to focus on the road and driving safely.

fsm map

Updates in Real Time

As jobs are completed get updates in real time and view the information about the job without having to wait for your driver to return. From your view of the map you can track the progress of your drivers and monitor in the unfortunate event of emergencies.

Provide Proofs of Delivery

Remove the need and the expense of having specialist equipment by utilising Accede Maps’ built-in signature and file upload fields. These fields allow your drivers to collect signatures and photos on their smart devices and have them automatically logged with the completed job.

Streamline Your Administration

Reduce manual paper handling by implementing an online system that saves on time and money. Generate invoice and have the data sent through to your office while your drivers are still in the field. Allowing your staff to be more productive and fit more into their day without having to double handle data.