Delivery Map

Delivery Map

Create a simple automated map interface to optimise your drivers routes with safety and decrease your drivers paperwork.


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“Being so visual, this really helps. It even prevented a disagreement over a job order.”

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Drastically Decrease Logistic Coordinating Phone Calls and Automate Customer Communications

As a delivery group your administration staff’s day can be often filled with an excessive number of phone calls to deal with onsite problems, sick drivers and client job update requests.

Delivery Map can make dealing with with these situations much easier, simpler and faster by allowing your staff to use an interactive Google Map to make logical decisions on the fly and have them instantly implemented. With a single click, your drivers and customers can be informed of changes to routes and schedules by SMS, Email, Google Maps, or your own website page.

Your clients and drivers feel engaged and cared for whilst your administration time on the phone is drastically decreased.

Improve Your Company Legal Protection: Driver Safety.

In October 2018 the Federal Government of Australia increased the liabilities and expectation of companies in relation to their driver’s safety.

Delivery Map helps with this by providing your staff a method to automatically push their routes through to Google Map’s voice navigation. This allows your drivers to focus on the road and not the map whilst also showing that you truly care for their safety.

Improve Your Company Legal Protection: Proof of Delivery.

Ensuring that you have a proof of delivery for each delivery can be arduous when working with paper or special hardware. With Accede Maps your drivers just need their mobile phone to collect several different proofs including signatures, photos and forms.

Any proofs taken can, with a single click, be attached to the appropriate job and automatically pushed through to your other main systems.

Do you need time to get away from the office and still have control of what's going on?

One of the problems with being the SME of a delivery firm is trying to deal with life in a true sense and have a holiday. Well with Accede Maps you can actually do this. From your phone, as long as you have got internet access you can see where your drivers are, what deliveries are planned are set and done, and even if there is a new job that has come in that you have got to deal with.

You can overview the whole of your company, just from a mobile phone, which gives you now the ability to actually have some down time, well as much as an SME can have.