Document Access and Control

In the building industry, there are so many documents that you need to have access to.  So many documents you need to make sure you have for a range of insurance and compliance needs.  Knowing you have these, have them accessible and not lost, can be a true nightmare.  Finally proof of work, deliveries etc. easily taken and controlled

CRM Map makes this a simple and very easy process.

Storing of Documents such as plans, contracts, manuals or policies

If you have documents your head office has stored on your server, these can be shared via Google maps, thanks to CRM Maps.  So while your workman is on site, he does not have to look up a client or document, as his location finder on Google maps will give him all the details about the location he is at with literally a single clip or tap of his finger.  This can also mean that subcontractors could have access to certain documents if you wish to give them this access.

JSA’s, Photos and other files you may want back.

Currently the building industry have ways to take photos and either have special apps that let them save them to their device, and a specifically written program to transfer these files to your server.  Now, this is fine, if you have only employees doing this work, and you have invested into this special software.  However, CRM Map will allow even your subcontractors via their phone, to send you files (e.g. JSA’s and Photos) and they can automatically update your server.  This requires no special software and no special hardware.

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