Field Service Management Map

Field Service Management Map

Create a simple map interface that saves time on reporting, form collection and client notification.

Managing Jobs and Subcontractors is an up-hill battle that FSM Map can help relieve.

Through FSM Map you can see work status at a glance by colour and icon.

Data can be collected and sent electronically, all on a mobile phone, meaning less time spent looking for or having to remembers files ensuring your paperwork is completed in a timely manner.

Using automation and API integration you will remove double handling of data from Jobs to Invoice.

Avoid the need for specialist hardware.

Equipping you and your staff with special hardware like PDAs and tablets is expensive, and more for your service technician to deal with – when on site. By working through a smartphone, FSM Map avoids these additional costs as well as the risk of being forgotten.

Reduce the stress of managing emergencies

In servicing, despite your best efforts, emergencies always happen. FSM Map helps to reduce the steps involved in dealing with an Emergency. From a quick view on your map, you can see who the closest qualified servicing person is, if they are free and who they were supposed to be meeting next. No need for phone calls, reading reports etc. All from a single glance at a map.

Ensure your staff have what they need where they need it.

Each job is different and knowing exactly what your walking in on is critical for a service technician. FSM Map helps by providing one centralized easily accessed point to store all the documentation related to each job. With a single button click your staff have access to all the information related to the job including manuals, contracts and scope of work.

Keep on top of your staff and contractor reporting.

Ensuring your staff and sub-contractors provide accurate reports of their times can be a frustrating and costly task. FSM Map can record times of log in and log out – either by user awareness (hidden) or not. Plus, other information relating to the job.