Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

This example follows a not for profit organisation called ‘Kid’s Care’ who supports medically challenged children.
The organisation uses NFP Map to see where their clients and carers are based, which clients are being visit by who on the day and whether any problems have occurred throughout the day’s. By integrating NFP Map with their other internal systems they can have the tool automatically update their clients billing and services as well as their carers payroll.
In this instance, Colors are used to represent the carers and which patients their visiting whilst icons as used to identify whether a person is a client or a carer.
Try the system as an administrator seeing all your carer’s routes, who they are visiting today, and whether there are areas in your network that need new careers setup. Alternatively, try as a carer who is using NFP Map to organise and route their visits, log their times, and report if problems have occurred on site.

Try now as an Administrator


Try now as a Caseworker


Care for your Carers

With all the new legislation for caring for your staff whilst on site, providing them with safe tools is now your responsibility and this is where NFP Map really helps.

Your caseworkers can see what they are doing today, have their routes planned and automatically pushed through to Google Maps for voice navigation.

You also know where your staff are in case of emergencies or problems. Plus, if you need to add a client on the fly for a call in by the caseworker, you can see where they are, when they have time and what they could possibly achieve within reason.

Improve your employee productivity

Productive and happy workers are key to success. With NFP Map, you can make sure you are taking the best advantage of your staff’s time with efficient route planning.
Remove double handling and limit your paper trail by having critical paperwork sent electronically by your clients and carers direct to your office.
NFP Map works through google maps and is usable on any smart phone or computer, no special equipment needed. This means less training and setup time as well as no hardware cost for your organisation.