Increase your Sales

Web development is a highly Price point competitive industry. Why? Well we could argue it should not be and that there are a lot of fly by nighters’ out there. But the fact stands, that it is.
The better web developers are not only skilled in Graphics but also in Marketing, Coding, Security and Data. However, this is a rare breed. What we generally find is that the development of an information web is generally prepared by a graphic designer, and that these other services are done by other companies.
So often we see ads claiming “We Create your Web site for $XXX”, so you are constantly price pressured. Have you noticed however that the same client who is worried about spending $200 more with you, does not even worry about paying $30 extra for their internet. Or paying for cloud storage, or other monthly charges. This is now such an expected norm, that all the major players have accepted this and offer monthly payments for example:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Amazon
  • MYOB – Xero – Zoho – Reckon One

So monthly payments are now seen as the Norm. You may not be able to alter your billing model to a monthly fee – or maybe you have, but in the end, you need to remain in your clients mind – Great Value.
CRM-Map is fast for you to create what your client wants and with great Wow factor. Plus, it costs you nothing to set this up and let your client Touch and Feel this. If you are a developer, you will get 28 days free to develop and give your clients ‘play time’. A direct client only gets 14 days, so you get an extra 14 days for setup and preparation time at no charge. You can set this up without a credit card or anything. Once the client accepts and wishes to use this, they need to put in their Paypal link and accept the terms. Then monthly billing in advance will begin.
What CRM Map gives you is a decreased the time to develop, a much better end result than most developers can even think of. The ability to keep a keen sales price, and you get income as the client uses this tool. This can give you the pricing edge in your competitive market.

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