Increase your Sales

Sales in the building and construction industry seem to fall into 3 categories.

CRM Map will not only boost sales, but it will radically diminish ‘miss interpretations’ which can lead to payment or legal issues.

Manufacturer selling to builders – When selling to builders, it is important to have a current CRM that will track and record what your sales people are doing.  When they feel that the builder needs to be re seen.  Have they discussed certain products with builders etc.  CRM Map is NOT advertised as a CRM.  It is a data access tool via Google maps to your data.  So this means that your sales people, can on the road, update, add and edit data – depending on their access levels.  This means your data is current, live and useful.

Residential – Often housing or apartments are built in an area at the same time, with similar construction material or methods.  Which means, roofing is replaced at a similar time etc.  So when your QA person is on site to check you have completed your job, and maybe even take photos of the completion of the work, they can note the housing next door and make sure you are getting good leads, at no real cost to your business.  Most Building companies are paying between $70 and $120 per Quotable lead.  By using CRM Map, you are not sending people out of their way, you need no extra staff, no special software or equipment, and you are getting hot, real leads.

For example:

You have re-roofed house at #5 on a street.  The next door house #3, their roof and gutters are looking a bit suspect; so is house #7.  With just one click, your QA man can note that #3 and #7, should be contacted re roof and gutters.  You have 2 new real leads and a referral house, all with a simple click. This is a really good use of multi-tasking and saving you money.

Commercial. Like Residential, commercial has a big issue on getting the deal.  Deals are hard fought and hard won.  However, what commercial companies are passionate about is that the job will be completed on time, with little or no litigation issues.  Showing you have tools that truly let you monitor in real time, not only what your staff are doing but what your subcontractors are doing and being able to show this, really gives you a major sales edge.  Plus, being able to report on all issues with Photos, instantly, due to the integration of CRM Map – or even letting your clients have access to the progress via a client profile of a job, is definitely a way to show you are a leader amongst the building industry.

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