Increasing your Income

In your competitive week you work hard every day for what you earn. But have you ever asked yourself how do accountants and other people have time to play golf and take it easy some days? Well it is simple, they earn %’s on recommendations to people.
Currently you are probably paying and invoicing your client for this work. Or applying your clients credit card to get this setup and charging or including in your work a service fee. What if each month, as they paid, you earnt money purely because you recommended and set them up to use something – well that is how accountants earn their ‘cream’.
For example, if you are a distributor of a product, you can earn a % each month and have this either removed from your costs or have this sent to you as a payment. This is exactly what CRM-Map now offers to Web developers. Here is an example of what you could earn, each month as a single web developer by simply recommending and getting clients to sign up and use the CRM-Map tool based on 35 site set ups.
UsageClient CostNo. of clientsYou earn
Website Only$19.9510$9.90
Web and 3 sales people$59.956$71.64
Web and Office$19.955$19.95
Website Own Logo$24.9514$69.86
Each Month$201.65
Per Annum$2,419.80
All this just for recommending and signing them up to use the CRM-map software; pretty good hey?
Note: do nothing extra per month for this refund payment. Upon client payment, at the end of each month, a payment is made to you and transferred to your designated account.
But wait – there’s more!
What if the client uses CRM Map in other ways?
Simply put, you are paid a % for each user license per month. If the client adds new users or new profiles – even if you aren’t doing anything – you are earning more money for the referral. You do not, however, earn money for the space they wish to use to hold data, or for Map credits. You only earn for the user licenses. Something interesting that we have found is that it is quite common for a user to have up to 4 company profiles.
How are you protected?
So just like a domain name registration – only the client’s administrator can request an alteration to the CRM-Map Referral on their CRM-Map site. This is done via a specific request to us, and we need to verify that this request for change is legitimate. We then contact you to let you know, and then change this to the new person. We will not change this and leave this blank.

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