Map Your MYOB

Map Your MYOB

Don’t waste time on manual processes. Have instant field data and improved customer relations.

Two way integration of data

Instant data on the fly

Keep photos, notes, and documents secure

✓ Instantly turn your MYOB into a CRM

Improve response times and mitigate risks with real time information. Trigger a swift call to action with automatic alerts and notifications to get operations underway.

✓ Easily Identify Key Sales Area

Transactions are automatically placed as customizable pins on a Google Map, allowing easy recognition of key sales areas.

✓ Expand your Database’s Functionality

CRM-Map allow for the addition of custom forms and fields expanding what your current database is able to do.

✓ Streamline your processes

Reduce the number of applications required to complete a task by generating new contacts, quotes, and invoices in CRM-Map which automatically synch with MYOB AccountRight.