Minimise cost per lead

With CRM-Map You Can Minimize Cost-Per-Lead By Servicing Multiple Clients

A single salesperson can cost upwards of $180,000 per year in car expenses, travel, and wages. How then can you better manage your sales people to be more effective? Surely by using a good mapping tool you will generate increased sales opportunities which can significantly increase ROI for your business.
CRM-Map has been designed to help you do this by…

  • Making it dead-simple to decide what your sales team should do next in the sales process
  • Increasing efficiency of your sales people enabling them to focus on what really matters – closing deals
  • Identifying areas where clients are clustered together allowing your sales team to service them more efficiently

CRM-Map does all this by presenting everything in an easy-to-understand visual map.
Targeting just one client at a time doesn’t sound so appealing anymore, does it?
You can now be assured of getting better value out of your sales team and increasing your sales by using this brilliant mapping tool every day.

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