Notification Map

Notification Map

Create a map that allows you to improve your service and keep people aware by visually displaying information.

The warning example treats every pin as a unique situation with the colors representing its status and the iconography representing its type/nature.

Radius circles are used to avoid providing specific locations to viewers and to highlight the radius of impact the situation has.

In this specific example local wildlife has been used but variants of this example have also been developed for bug infestations and natural disasters.

For users, three levels are available in this instance:

  • The Administrator has complete control over the map and determines what types of situations and their possible status is available. They also decide which users have access to this map for the uploading of information.
  • The Operator is your standard agent who would be updating information as they are reported. Their rights are restricted to adding and updating situations as they unfold.
  • The Clients/Public view is based on the embedded map seen above. Their view is restricted based on which situations the service operators feel should be publicly visible.

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