CRM-Map Integration

CRM-Map integration is the link that will join your Data with Google Maps.

CRM-Map integration offers a wide range of integration options, from create your own, to standard product options.  Allowing you to interface your main data seamlessly to and from Google Maps.  It allows your database / CRM / Accounting system to be a Google Maps application. This allows your users to be mobile and have access to the data you make available via Google Maps and to See / Add / Edit your data in a manner that visually represents your company.

You don’t have to teach each user how to use your main product  or purchase extra licenses. Instead the data you wish to allow your users to see can be made available by a product nearly all Mobile users have used – that being Google Maps. As CRM-Map allows you to create your own fields and terminology, you are really creating your own Google Maps application, fast, easily and without any stress.  So you are supplying your staff with tools that will increase their productivity.

So you lower prices and costs with License fees, User Fees, Training, Maintenance of security.  But your efficiency is increased because you have enabled easy simple access to data to your users both in the office and remotely.