Sage is a very powerful and flexSage-Logoible business data product and with Sage CRM Google Maps Interface is visually and automatically achieved by CRM-Map. Sage enables users to design their own forms, terminology and web interfaces.  This is complemented by the CRM-Map interface to Google Maps.  CRM-Map also enables users to create their own terminology, fields, colors and icons.  Together this is an extremely powerful tool, that totally enables businesses to make the most of their data, whether this be in Sales, QA, Customer Care or Marketing.

As Sage is such a powerful and flexible product, it does offer an API.  CRM-Map interfaces with the Sage API allowing for custom fields, and enabling either an automatic or user enabled interface.  Customers who use sage, will find that the  Sage CRM Google Maps Interface will fill so many areas of their business and enable managers to visually see what is going on with their company and their products in a graphical sense.

As custom fields are unique for each customer and your application, your customer fields and terminology will be shown on the interface example.  Sage enables data entry, but not editing via the API.