As good as subcontractors are, the management of them can be a total nightmare, for everyone, you, the client, the subcontractor and even your insurance & government bodies.Once again, CRM Map really does bring a solution to this.

Subcontractor Communication

The biggest issue with and for subcontractors is communication. Here’s some common issues CRM Map actually solves, easily, and without any compromise to your data security

  • Did they get the information they need? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • Do they have access to the information? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • Have they arrived on site? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • What stage are they at? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • Did they finish the job, or do I need to do a clean up and a QA follow up? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • If paid on an hourly basis, how much do I owe for this work? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • Did they get and fill in the JSA? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • What if the company has specific JSA’s did they get it, when will I get a copy, what if they lose it? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • Has the materials arrived on site? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • Is the site ready for the contractor, or has something, weather, deliveries, completions held up their work? – Yes with CRM-Map
  • How can I prove that we have done the job as we need to? – Yes with CRM-Map.
  • These guys are builders not computer geeks, any thing they use with technology has to be simple and intuitive and It cant cost me. – Yes with CRM-Map

Seeing your Work and Job Status Visually

The beauty with CRM-Map, is that all of these problems are solved and solved in a simple intuitive way. In fact, you create the screens and forms your subcontracts will see and get. It is that simple. As most people can now use Google Maps, this is all they need to know. Put their location finder on, and all your data shows, with your icons, and your colours. e.g. Orange – this job is coming up. Green – this job is ready to go. Blue – this job has been done. They only see what they need to see. Yet you see everything. They don’t even have to think about remembering to send you the JSA – as the CRM Map has already sent it to you and electronically filed it where you want it filed.

Here is a great bonus. You in your office even know exactly which job all your subbies are on. If you have an emergency, you can see who is closest by map and driving time to get to a job. Plus you can see where all your assets are, if something breaks down, just by looking at your Google maps. CRM Map is really the best aid you have ever had in the building industry.

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