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Here are 3 simple methods to actually increase your profits.

Option 1 Improve your Sales technique.

Sales is a topic that I could spend hours talking about. As a novice I thought sales was a dirty word, but once you have been in business a long time you will see this differently.  For those who stay in business, the reason they do, is that they have good sales people. So what is a good sales person?

A good Salesperson can:

  • say No to a wrong/bad sale.
  • select the right fit/product for the client
  • endear confidence and a desire to repeat purchase
  • sell the product not just the price

These dot points mean that as a business you need to have quality, well educated, empathetic, intelligent sales people. It does not matter what the product is. What matters is the customers experience.

With this in mind, sales people need to be able to offer the right product, at the right price in a timely and professional manner. This involves a lot of skills. The application of these skills involves Sales Techniques.

The key to increased profits really can lie in getting the right technique. I met building improvement owner, and the sales technique that they employed included some very strict timing and steps. He found that the combination of timing and steps increased his sales and margins significantly.

So the key is to find the Sales Technique that matches your company and your product.

My experience shows that for each customer you need to find what matters to them, so listening is vital. A sales person that listens is over halfway home. Know if the sale is a need or a want. Know what is going to trigger your customer.

Once you know what matters, you re-enforce this with your sales script / demonstration. However with that said, Tools are vital. Ways to show off the product – Samples, Videos. Ways to confirm that the client can be confident in you – e.g. referrals. Local referrals are always best, and it is a reason that products like CRM-Map are so popular.

Finally, the sales person must close the sale. Closing is interesting. Some sales people can demonstrate, but they just can’t close – they are actually demonstrators, not sales people. Good salespeople can close a sale. There are many techniques for this, and once again this must match your company and product.

Some closing Techniques include:

Assumptive Sale : e.g. Do you want this in Red or Blue (get the client to make positive statements of ownership, and the sale is a natural)

Reason to decide today: Could be a discount, limited stock, limited stock availability etc.

3 Yes’s to close: It is physiologically suggested that if your client will agree with the sales person on 3 important points, then agreeing to purchase is a minor agreement.


Option 2. Repeat Sales to Existing Clients

The easiest and most profitable sale is a repeat sale. Very simply put, the client knows you, trusts you, your don’t have to find them, prove yourself, or establish a relationship. All of this has already been done.

So look after your existing clients.

Successful companies do this in a range of ways, e.g. Loyalty cards, personal service. Today, it was announced that Dick Smith Electrical has gone into voluntary receivership. Well I am not surprised. It is not to do with sales, but related to profits. They have never worked at repeat sales. They do not treasure their clients – you are just a number. Plus they are in an incredibly competitive market.

Repeat sales really do make a big difference in the bottom line.

This morning I had a personal experience. I have for 30 years purchased house paint from the same store. As a have a few properties, this is about $1000 per year minimum. So I keep going back, the staff know me, and after a few sales, they gave me a discount. I now know, that I don’t need to shop around that they will give me the best price. This morning however, a new staff member refused to discount the product I was purchasing – and the price difference was about 20{c36baba5c73b6c9a0b80d5e7ba0a8acbfd233dc9453b651cdb653391d31dba51}. I was not impressed. So I waited until a known staff member arrived and then all went well. However, I can state that this could have ruined a valuable relationship. So owners, don’t rest on your laurels. You need to have systems in place to care for these valuable clients even if staff change.

Option 3. Lower your costs

Lowering costs! Sounds easy, feels difficult. Well it is easier than you could believe.

I am the president of a large sporting association. With all the new laws brought in by the Fair Work Act, voluntary sporting associations have been really hit hard. So as the president, I was faced with 2 problems. Making sure that the association was running legally correct, and making sure that the association ran at a profit. The biggest problem was “But this is the way we have always done it”.

The only constant in life, is Change. Once that is accepted in a practical sense, then changing to be more profitable is possible.

So my next step was to review each and every account. I had the internal book keeper do this with me, and made sure that all rules were followed. We had to think outside of the square. This involved getting the association registered as a Work for the Dole option, plus creating a relationship with the local employment agencies, so that suitable volunteers could be located.

We also reviewed some of the products we had, so that we had products that clients wanted and were happy to pay for.

Technology can be a big cost saver if used well, but, poorly applied technology can also be a cost waster. The key is to know what technology is available, and what is the right decision? The difficulty is that no one has a crystal ball, and technology moves at a rapid rate. Here are my suggestions to using technology well in your company, so that you will save money.

Don’t get the latest greatest, unless necessary.

Buy the best value for now, but don’t expect technology to last longer than 2 years.

Get tools that will save you in staff time and give you the right information.

Get tools that will ensure your work is not temporary. Your data should be electronically saved and available to other sales people. Don’t just loose the data with either the sales person, or the electronic filing cabinet. Use a good database and store the data and make sure it is accessible as necessary.

Listen to wisdom in the field you are reviewing.

Consider alternative methods, e.g. Going Virtual, cloud based etc.

Use good Systems and Databases, e.g. MYOB, Xero, Salesforce, or Zoho as examples.

One of your responsibilities is to make sure that you give your staff the tools to do their job. Make sure these tools will work, and that the valuable data you gain is utilized and not lost.

Now improve your bottom Line.

I hope that these ideas will assist you to improve your bottom line. But if you are at least considering, maybe your next step is to communicate your needs and thoughts with an executive committee or mentors.

Mentors have many functions. They can make sure you see the facts, not just what you want to see. They can give you a kick or let you release when you need it. Mentors are great. If you don’t have one or some, then work on this. You can even pay for this type of service, with Executive Meetings.

A lot of mentors, are happy to Mentor, as it is often a 2 way streak. e.g. they get as much as they give. However, others are happy to just be there, as they have experience and want to share. But having a mentor is a good way to make sure you are on the right path.


“SELLING BECAUSE”: – Increase your Customers

Key to Success

This is going to be my first attempt at using BLOG technology to deliver a FREE BOOK as well as a special gift of a ‘SALES EARNINGS OPPORTUNITY: to anyone who sincerely seeks to become a professional in the field of ‘PROFESSIONAL SELLING”.

Now obviously, the business processes in selling are going to include many talents and tools and just like a carpenter, iron worker, or master mechanic cannot expect to use the same tools for every project and item they work with! The variations are nearly endless and so it is with selling, where different products, different business terms, different customers, business types & applications would create so many sales situations and scenarios, there’s no possible way to write a training script for each and every possible situation. Given these realities, I’m going to begin with a broad overview of the common STEPS of the SALE, the general TYPES of PROSPECTS that are encountered in the selling process, and how the steps of the sale may adjust to these different prospect types. In the last phase of this blog, I will offer you the opportunity to begin selling an exciting new business software product and then will define the recommended use of the steps and tools that are likely to fit the types of prospects you are likely to encounter.

Let me get right down to business and first explain the title of this blog:

Of normal course in your life, when anyone asks you WHY you are doing something, your first word of reply may likely to be… “BECAUSE”,

And of course, “Be-cause” suggests you are being – in, or at, a “cause”, intent, purpose, mission, etc. You get my point; and while this is such a simple point to see, the “WHAT OR WHY” query is almost immediately sluffed off with a terse remark or wisecrack, ie: “none of your business”, “to get it done”, “because I want to”, “it’s my job, that’s why” etc.  But the REAL question I have is’ “do you really know the REAL CAUSE about why you do so many things over and over again? Ok, “habits” come to mind for most of us. We generally don’t think about them, we just go ahead and do them automatically. Now if these are really wise and helpful things (such as exercise, or showering, or brushing our teeth, being generous, learned, or kind), then obviously, these are GOOD habits! It’s a shame that these good habits seldom ever get any positive comments or “atta-boys’! But then, it is truly surprising that so many people do remarkably stupid and harmful things in their lives, as habits while never considering the consequences thereof!! Worse yet, is the fact that any well-meaning friend that might offer a negative reflection on any of those habits may quickly learn that their advice is an unwelcomed mirror to that friend who simply does not want to face reality and has instead, has actually been insulted!

My first gift to you is the suggestion that you give sincerely focused concentration on the REAL REASONS you decide to do things in your life! Really ask yourself the most frank and deeply introspective question about WHAT you truly SEEK TO ACHIEVE, WHY this matters to you and, WHAT STEPS are necessary for you to finally ARRIVE AT YOUR GOALS?

Falling for “get-rich-quick” schemes or great advice from somebody with a sneaky shortcut or gimmick to save you from hard work or meaningful career commitment won’t get you there so:

DON’T DO THAT! This is important! Cause is enormously important! And Powerful! When you do something for a cause, it has ENERGY, the scope and dimension of that energy is related directly to your COMMITMENT OF POWER to Make that cause happen!

Winning at anything in life is all about “commitment” and commitment is not possible without purpose. Purpose creates Passion, Passion creates Energy and these ‘CREATIONS’ create ‘OUTCOMES”! ….and: YOUR GOD-GIVEN GIFT IS THAT:


Every breath you take and every thought you have is a creation!! Think about it! Creations are “energies” they have meaning and power and you have another gift that allows you to be responsible for your creations! It’s called “FREE WILL”. That’s your sole choice to choose what you think, what you express from those thoughts, and what VALUES you choose to establish and guide the Character and Purpose of YOUR LIFE!

Your honest purpose for selling must be clear before you simply jump into this very honorable (but often maligned) profession.  It is often maligned because so many people regard sales people as only being “money-driven” and having no real meaning otherwise for what they do. Sales people are often considered ruthless and even ‘liars” that will say and/or do anything necessary to get you to buy their product or service, no matter what it takes, just to take home those big bucks!     If that’s you, that’s a problem! You will NOT succeed with this single purpose and you now have three choices: Quit reading this and find another profession, quit reading this and waste your life trying to be successful at selling or:


If that’s your choice…..then let’s get started in SHARING THAT CAUSE!  I am committed to writing this blog beeeee-cause:

“I truly want to help YOU become successful and grateful” for the work YOU do in selling”AND “I’m Positive that I know how to help you do it!

So let’s get started with just one more philosophical fundamental (from my perspective anyway); I personally believe that “gratitude” is equal to or perhaps even greater than commitment” when it comes to defining a state of mind that is virtually “bullet-proof” i.e.: insulating you from outside fears and distractions. I think “Gratitude” actually contains more energy when you give something to someone or help them than when you get something unexpected….but that’s for you to decide on your own…. It works for me!  So that’s my purpose for writing this blog and I’m grateful to be able to do it!

I hope your life is truly enriched in many ways by reading it and applying what I have to share with you! So right now, let’s take a break and give you some time to really think about your goals and if you really want to be a PROFESSIONAL SALESPERSON? If so, will that profession lead you to where and what you want to achieve in your life’s work? If the answer is truly YES!  Then send me an email or: how to connect on the next blog? come back and visit me at the next blog:……… for chapter 1 of “Selling Because”
by Vance Seagle “Master Salesman and Sales Trainer”


Sales Manager Insights: Use Door to Door sales people the smart way

How often as a Manager have you wished for a magic wand, you know that wand that would:

Magic Sales Solutions

  • Gain new Customers
  • Increase Sales
  • Decrease employee problems
  • Decrease customers problems
  • Fix all the management demands
  • Decrease costs

Well I may not be your fairy godmother, but I hope that what I have to share here, will be equal to taking you to “Ollivander’s” from Harry Potters Stories, and allow you to find the magic you seek.

Information is the magic want for business solutions in the 21st century.  This has proven itself over and over again. It is why we must approve of our phone calls being recorded.  It is why when we create websites and have google analytics.  Every day, in every way, we are part of the big wheel in data collection.  Now, this sounds really easy, but with Door to Door salespeople, collecting useful data that can be collected, and used easily, viably and cost effectively – is easier said than done.

No!  It was easier said than done, but with the latest release of technology, the IS is now a WAS.

So now as an experienced Sales Manager, you want to know, what, how, cost and what’s the catch. 

What is this new technology?

Google Maps.  New? You are right, it is not new, it has been around for ages, available on every device you can think of.  But what is new is that Google Maps has released some IT magic – known as an API – Active Page interface. OK, now I sound like a geek.  So in English, Google allows products and tools to interface with it.  You know this because you have a google map on your web site.  True.  But some companies have gone to a new level, and allow any of your sales people to use this technology to add, edit, photograph, keep documents etc. in Google Maps.

That is right.  On a simple smart phone, your door to door collector or sales person, could record their meeting, take a photo, select a signature, get information – all on their phone, and it instantly is available to you in your office.  You know where your sales people are, what sales they are doing, seeing and hearing their sales (if you wish).

By the assessment of sales demonstrations, you can see the problems and help your staff overcome them. You don’t have to be on the road, you can do this in your office.  So enabling yourself to be fair more efficient.

It will not damage or compromise any of your current systems, as it is external to them, and you can control what data is entered and added, and how automatically you want this data to transfer.  This is in your control.

An example of such a product is

Now you know the WHAT the next question is HOW.

Data can be collected by a range of methods.  You could collect data by keying it in.  You can collect data by requesting reports – e.g. Google analytics.  You can collect data by ‘outsourcing’ this data entry and either purchasing the data, or having someone enter this for you.  Finally you can collect data as part of a process.

In the context of working smarter, we will discuss the how in a couple of methods.

Method 1.  Internal lead generation.

Current Lead generation if internal, would already be entered ‘somewhere’.  If this somewhere, linked to CRM Map, then you have your leads , icons and coding already in Google Maps, so your sales staff can update this information.

If however you educate your sales people to work ‘smarter’ .  Then as they go to and from appointments, they could collect other data that would lead to prospects.  As Google Maps is so easy, this can be done by clicking a location on the phone, and applying a product of note, and a status.  This could be competitors products, no products, etc.

Method 2. External Lead Generators

Either their systems, or the spreadsheets they send you can be imported into products like CRM Map so that your sales people can update and track their prospects.  This also saves you data entry time, as this will integrate directly to your CRM under your own rules.

You can now see, that duplication of work can be minimized (if not removed), and that smarter sales people can actually assist in getting new prospects.  So the obvious question would be:


You are right, this sounds to be a very costly exercise and until this November, this would have been.  However, with recent software releases, you can rent this technology purely on a low cost monthly basis.  How low, well about $8 per month – average.  Obviously the more users, the cheaper it gets, but it is still a very low cost charge, for what this can return to your company.  Even the capture of one single qualified lead by your sales person a month, is cheap at $8 per month.  Excluding the wasted time in double entry, lost data, non-recording of information – the list goes on.  So the ROI, in my opinion renders this new technology quite cheap.

One major advantage with CRM Map, is that if a user has access to more than one application of CRM Map, you are not charged twice, only once – as the user is only registered once.  This CRM Map refers to as crowd leverage costing.

What’s the catch?

Most great products have a catch, e.g. a locked in contract or a price rise after your hooked.  Well some of the google API interface products do have catches and lock in contracts, as the host company is “locked” in with google for 12 months.  However, CRM-Map, has allowed companies to leverage together and use this product without the locked in contract.

The biggest catch, is that you need to decide what data you wish to capture, how you wish to interface and how you wish to use this technology to work smarter, and gain new customers.

Why have you never heard of CRM Map?

CRM Map is the first of its kind and has only been released in November 2015. So technologically it is “hot” and new.

Think it might be better to wait and see?

My answer to this is that 15 years ago, I heard almost every main department store and supplier curse e-marketing companies for ruining the retail market.  Yes, they changed it.  However, every single still existing main company now offers e marketing.  They have e stores, or they allow e ordering and deliveries etc.  Those that have not moved to this, are now either out of business or well on the way to being out of business, especially if metropolitan located.

What e-marketing has done to the retail sector, Google maps API is now doing to the Door to Door sector.  The question therefore is really how long you will wait to see.  Remember a lot of companies tried to get into the E marketing too late.  They are now either smaller, or gone.  Timing is essential. But one reason not to wait, is that currently quite a few of these new products offer free trials.  So you can try the product, learn, gear up, and then decide to implement or not.  You are then make a wise choice, than just watching others going ahead and then deciding to join the market movement.

Getting New Customers, Increase Profits, Decrease Employees and Customers Problems.

Just like Magic!

If you had a magic wand as a Manager, what would you like it to do for your company?