Xero is a cloud based accounting product and CRM-Map enables Xero integration with CRM.  Its popularity is growing at an astounding rate, due to its stability, ease of use and pricing.  Xero is being used by many SME’s.  It is quite common for SME’s to have an accounting product, but they often run their CRM’s via Excel, or other simple solution.

CRM-Map with Xero can significantly help business grow.  This is because CRM-Map will give the SME’s that take advantage of data collection and later data review, a clear advantage over their competition.

As Xero does not have a CRM component to it, there are many CRMs that offer interfaces to the Xero data. CRM-Map is not a CRM, but an interface to use your Xero data as a CRM via Google Maps.  New contacts can be imported to your customers.  Your transactions will be able to be read. You can add new transactions or View them via other office tools for review or analysis.

Xero will not allow edited contacts to be transferred.  So if an edit is made in CRM-Map and it is not in Xero, a variation list will be available, and this will mean that you need to have someone edit your Xero directly.

By combining Xero and CRM-Map you can now develop a competitive advantage over your rival businesses and generate greater sales and income by graphically see where your business is growing.