Licensing and Security

CRM-Map Licensing offers 4 user levels.  We do not charge user license fees, only a rental fee for the database storage and access via our product.
Our 4 levels are:

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • User
  • Web Interface

Administrators – sets up the users.  Only the administrator can do this, because this keeps your data secure.  If you have short term users, you need your administrator to add in a new user name and password to give them access as required, and then later they can be removed so that they no longer have access to your data.  Administrators also can set up all custom fields, terminology and form designs.  So your administrator is the only authorized person setting up your CRM-Map access as you need it.

Managers – controls areas for users.  Each user can have one or more areas, and these areas are color tinted.  The purpose of having defined areas is so that the user can see where they physically need to work and collect information.

Users – These could be your sales people, or researchers, or office staff.  However, a user is the person that has access to your data via Google Maps.  They can add data in and edit existing data.

Web Interface – The web interface will allow you to show your CRM Map icons on your website.  Your administrator will have control of what shows and what data is available.  This can be used for Sales and promotional reasons.  You may also like to give short term access to this information for electronic proposals, such as grant requests.