Not For Profit Map for Fundraising

This example is based on a fictious organisation called “The Smile Foundation” whose aims to help with mental depression. They raise funds through multiple campaigns with the objective of collecting sponsorships, bequests, donations, and purchases of either merchandise or lottery tickets.

NFP Map helps the foundation optimise their campaign activities by letting them visualise as per the image where they are getting the most success for different fund raisings activities and where the most revenue is coming from.

Please feel free to try as the manager who would be setting up this system, modifying it as new critical pieces of data need to be logged. Alternatively try a collector who would be updating the system with a few clicks on their phone on the campaign trail.

Easily retarget donors to increase your monetary gains

Using your finances and time in the most effective way to increase fundraising is vital for your organisation. You will find in a city, that some areas are brilliant for Sponsorships and some are not. There is no point running a sponsorship campaign in an area that just wont offer this kind of donation.
Seeing where and how your money is donated, helps you make wise decisions when allocating your hard earned funds and time.

Maximize your Fundraising Activity

Fundraising activities can be as varied as your imagination. NFP Map plans for this by letting you update your data easily from your any device. You can add new fields, upload images and files, collect digital signatures, and even secure confidential data without any extra hardware. The options are only limited by your Imation.

Just think of all the door knocking appeals that can be improved by instantly identifying which streets are worth engaging.